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Magnetic toy


Product Description Commodity Animal Wooden Magnetic Maze For Educational Toys Material Wooden Type Fish, frog, tortoise, ladybug, snail

Product Description
Commodity Animal Wooden Magnetic Maze For Educational Toys
Material Wooden
Type Fish, frog, tortoise, ladybug, snail and owl
Use Educational toys
Notice Avoid children lick the the Fridge Magnet
Packaging Standard Air or Sea Package

Educational wooden magnetic maze, magnetic labyrinth
Educational wooden magnetic maze
Eco-friendly material used
Non-toxic painted
For early education
Type: Wooden Magnetic Maze For Educational Toys
Brand new and high quality.
Brightly colored, definitely will attract children's attention.
It can be a toy, but also allows children to learn the maze! Fully staffed.
Magnet with enough magnetic for better installation and safety.
Colorful product, a good choice to make your children fun and learn a lot. 
Notice: Avoid children lick the the Magnet

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