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Sintered AlNiCo

Alnico Magnet


Sintered AlNiCo Permanent Magnet

Sintered AlNiCo Permanent Magnet Alloy

Alnico magnet material is made by alloying aluminum, nickel and cobalt with iron. Some grades also contain copper and/or titanium. The alloying process is casting or sintering. These constituents, the process and the heat treatment needed to optimize magnetic properties produces hard (Rc45) and brittle parts that are best shaped or finished by abrasive grinding. Sintered Alnico magnet, which are also alumium-nickel-cobalt iron alloys, is usually restricted to smaller sizes. it has slightly lower magnetic properties, but better mechanical strength than cast alnico magnet. Sintered Alnico magnet is widely used in all kinds of sensors, meters, controller speedometer and other applications.

Sintered alnico magnets have slightly lower magnetic properties, however they have excellent mechanical properties. Alnico magnets are excellent choices for applications involving vibration and shock as they have good resistance to demagnetization.


  • Suitable for small volume magnets with complex shape
  • Compact crystal, high intensity
  • Regular shape, precision size
  • Even elements, stable performance
  • Suitable for compound magnet
  • Excellent temperature stability (temp. coefficient of Br is the smallest among all of the other permanent magnets.)


  • Inner magnetic voltmeter/ammeter, electronic type power energy measuring instrument, avometer, flow meter
  • A wide range of magnetic sensor, polarized relay, temperature and pressure controller
  • Buzzer of mobile phone, hearing aids, mini speaker
  • Lighter of automobile, odometer of automobile and motorcycle, permanent magnet motor, absorptive appliance
  • Widely applied in high stability fields, such as aviation, spaceflight and military technology.

Typical Magnetic Performance Range for Sintered Alnico Magnet

Grade Br Hc (BH)max Tc Tw Temp. Coefficient α(Br) MMPA Equivalent Remark
mT KGs KA/m Oe KJ/m3 MGOe °C °C %/°C
FLN8 550 5.5 42 530 9.0 1.13 760 450 -0.022 [S.Alnico3] Isotropy
FLNG12 700 7 48 600 12.4 1.55 810 450 -0.014 [S.Alnico2]
FLNGT18 580 5.8 90 1130 18.0 2.20 860 450 -0.020 [S.Alnico7]
FLNG34 1100 11 48 600 34.0 4.25 890 450 -0.016 [S.Alnico5] Anisotropy
FLNGT28 1000 10 56 700 28.0 3.50 850 450 -0.020 [S.Alnico6]
FLNGT38 800 8 120 1500 38.0 4.75 850 450 -0.020 [S.Alnico8]
FLNGT42 850 8.5 120 1500 42 5.25 820 450 -0.020
FLNG33J 680 6.8 140 1750 33.0 4.13 850 450 -0.025 [S.Alnico8HC]

Sintered AlNiCo

Demagnetization Curve of Sintered AlNiCo Magnet Alloy

Demagnetization Curve of Sintered AlNiCo Magnet Alloy


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