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Refrigerator door gasket

Flexible Magnet


The products we produce currently, including pipe, bar, vacant profiled material, and profiled material, etc, there are over hundreds of magnetic door gaskets.

refrigerator door strip refrigerator door gasket

The products we produce currently, including pipe, bar, vacant profiled material, and profiled material, etc, there are over hundreds of magnetic door gaskets. Our factory have production abilities of 800,000 sets per month. The material is some thermos plasticity such as ABS, PE, PP, PVC, AS EVA, and PC etc. With the performance such as high temperature and low temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant and removal resistant, they are widely used in the door gasket of refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet, disinfect the cabinet, kitchen cabinet, steaming bath tube. And they can be used as car sealing gasket and other soft gasket. With stable performance, competitive price and full heart service, our magnetic door gasket win a high reputation in the trade. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality assurance authentication since 2000. The door gasket we produce are exported to Southeast Asia, Euro-American countries. As it is known, the door seal is an essential asset to the fridge door as it effects it's efficiency.. Poor Fridge Door Seals result in excessive electricity consumption and reduce the life of the fridge. The quality of our product is guaranteed and highly praised by our clients.

Typical cross section illustration

Embed mounting type

Screw fixing type

Freezer gasket section illustration

Soft and rigid PVC co-extruding gasket section

  1. Embed mounting type
  2. Screw fixing type
  3. Freezer gasket section illustration
  4. Soft and rigid PVC co-extruding gasket section

Typical door gasket specification:

Fridge door gasket specification

L×W (mm) L×W (mm) L×W (mm) L×W (mm) L×W (mm) L×W (mm)
496×689 520×670 522×792 580×718 479×543 522×681
496×757 520×710 522×758 580×726 479×783 522×782
496×689 520×630 522×745 580×718 502×1032 522×681
496×704 520×670 522×854 580×875 462×452 522×740
496×608 520×620 522×745 580×718 462×728 498×679
496×704 520×630 563×778 471×527 479×376 498×635
496×608 522×648 563×769 471×684 523×740 498×679
496×815 522×724 580×891 471×443 523×667 498×557
520×710 522×708 580×568 522×753 583×789 479×783
520×710 522×625 580×891 522×765 583×684 471×684
580×732 479×769 459×368 504×637 583×839 522×760.5
580×568 479×349 504×561 504×689 583×765  
580×284 459×668 504×689 479×743 522×672  


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