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Magnetic Toy Book for Kids with the writing board and magnetic puzzle.

magnetic toy bookmagnetic whiteboard

Magnetic Toy Book for Kids

This is a book for kid, it is used for teaching-aid and spread. The kid pick the magnets from the magnet board and place the animals anywhere within the book. As for the book, it is just a matter of plastified printing: The kid with a "water-soluble marker" can draw or write anything on the book, which could be wiped off with some cloth or tissue paper, and start again to draw or write anything he likes.

Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic white board is durable writing board with magnetic pen and eraser for kids, it is made of rubber magnet and superfine paper card and very suitable for writing, drawing and displaying notice and messages, also it can be used as marker board, customized sizes and shapes boards are available.


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