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Extruding fridge strip

Magnetic Compound


Magnetic compound for Extruding fridge stripYXF Brand Strontium Plastic Bonded Ferrite Magnetic compound are suitable for making various bonded magnets. They ha

Magnetic compound for Extruding fridge strip

YXF Brand Strontium Plastic Bonded Ferrite Magnetic compound are suitable for making various bonded magnets. They have good compatibility with different kinds of composite materials, such as nylon, resin, polyvinyl chloride and rubber etc.. Due to the large particle size, such powders have high filling capacity. They can be used for making different kinds of fridge door magnetic strip by extrusion or injecting moulding. The strict quality control system of our plant ensures that the quality is stable and consistent.

Ferrite magnetic compound for extruding fridge strip

Magnetic Characteristic

Type Magnetic Properties Average Particle Size
Materials Br
Testing Method
YXF-1 BaFe12O19 150±10 95.5±8 183±16 4.0±0.4 Calendering 2.0~4.0 ≤0.5
YXF-1b BaFe12O19 160±5 99.5±4 199±8 4.4±0.4 Green piece 2.0~4.0 ≤0.5
YXF-2 BaFe12O19 200±10 127±8 151±8 7.2±0.4 Calendering 1.1~1.4 ≤0.5
YXF-2b BaFe12O19 200±10 119±4 143±8 6.8±0.4 Calendering 1.5~1.8 ≤0.5
YXF-2c BaFe12O19 200±10 119±4 143±8 6.8±0.4 Calendering 1.8~2.1 ≤0.5
YXF-2S SrFe12O19 200±10 127±8 151±16 7.1±0.4 Calendering 1.1~1.4 ≤0.5
YXF-2Sb SrFe12O19 200±10 119±4 143±16 7.1±0.4 Calendering 1.5~1.8 ≤0.5
YXF-2Sc SrFe12O19 200±5 119±4 143±16 7.1±0.4 Calendering 1.8~2.1 ≤0.5

Test result of magnetic strip used for refrigerator gaskets

Characteristics for extruded strip
(measured on finished extruded strip dim. 2.4 × 9 mm with insulation)

Properties   Values
2.4 × 9 (mm) 2.4 × 9 (mm) 2.4 × 9 (mm)
1. Hardness Shore Hs (A) 96 96.2 96.6
2. Density g/cm³ 3.55 3.76 3.57
3. Force of Cohesion
(with 0.5mm air gap)
g/cm 72.4 272.4 72.4
4. Max. surface magnetic induction mT 75 71 74
5. Tear resistance kg/cm² 72 76 68
6. Crack elongation rate % 124 107 87
7. Temp. coefficient of surface magnetic force, continuously working for 240 hours at 80°C % 1.5 0.7 0.3
8. Temp. coefficient of surface magnetic force, continuously working for 240 hours at -20°C 1.4 1.3 0.3  
9. Flexural strength (twist around a stick of Dia Φ 16mm)   Passed Passed Passed
10. Torsion characteristics: when torsion around 360°   Passed Passed Passed

Magnetic properties of magnetic compound

Shape: cylinder
Size: Dia.25.5mm
Testing Temperature: 21°C
Material: N13

Coercive Force
Intrinsic Coercive Force
Max. Energy Products
mT Gs KA/m Oe KA/m Oe KJ/m³ MGOe
193.6 1936 130.3 1637 187.4 2356 6.918 0.8693
Bd Hd Hm HK HK/HcJ
Gs Oe Oe Oe MGOe
961.0 904.8 12807 1474 0.6255


White, black, gray, light yellow, light black, porcelain white, etc, anyway, specific hardness, color of PVC compound could be made as per customers' demands.


Dimensions and tolerances as well as polarity correspond to the relevant valid YUXIANG drawing.


In general, long storage times in a humid and got climate may results in brittleness of the magnetic strip. The storage time should not exceed: 12 months at a storage temperature of up to 25 °C / 50% relative humidity, 6 months at a storage temperature of up to 40 °C / 50% relative humidity.

In case of higher temperatures and humidities, the storage time should be reduced accordingly. The cartons should remain sealed during storage in order to avoid possible hardening of the magnetic strip caused by long-term exposure to light. Permissible stacking height for stationary storage: tree pallets on top of each other.


We guarantee a series delivery according to specification. The customer determines the suitability of our products of the specific application by way of appropriated functional tests of series delivery. For Yuxiang, the written approval of sampled quality is proof of functionality. Further guarantees are not assured.


As the responsible supplier, YUXIANG reserves the right to make changes and modifications with regard to the enhancement and further development of the product mentioned in the contract, modifications to the specifications stipulated herein being excluded.


* Message: Enter product details such as color, size, materials etc. and other specification requirements to receive an accurate quote.