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Injection NdFeB Bonded

Magnetic Compound


Injection NdFeB Bonded Magnet CompoundOur NdFeB magnetic compounds for injection application, which are not only good at consistency but also stable at magnetic

Injection NdFeB Bonded Magnet Compound

Our NdFeB magnetic compounds for injection application, which are not only good at consistency but also stable at magnetic property, especially suitable for injection moulding application. Nylon 6, 12, PPS or other macromolecule materials will be available according to customers' requirement.

Injecting plastic rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, which has excellent composite performance can be used in the industry of computer, subminiature motor, air-conditioning motor and all kinds of brushless motor, auto instruments, automatic control systems, acoustics equipments, magnetic therapy device etc.

Importing high technology, and endeavoring to develop new products, the technology cooperation relationships has established and there is trade corporation friendly with dozens of company of home and abroad, keeping leading position in domestic.

NdFeB magnetic compound

Physical & Magnetic properties Of Injection Bonded NdFeB Compound:

N/P Br (kG) HCB (kOe) HCJ(kOe) (BH) max (MGOe)
YXNA3 3.60~4.10 2.7~3.3 8.00~9.10 2.80~3.40
YXNA4 4.10~4.60 3.2~3.9 8.30~9.30 3.80~4.40
YXNA5 4.60~5.10 3.8~4.3 8.50~9.40 4.80~5.40
YXNA6 5.10~5.70 4.2~4.6 8.80~9.50 5.80~6.40
YXNA7 5.40~5.70 4.5~4.9 9.00~9.70 6.50~7.10
YXNA8A 5.90~6.30 4.8~5.3 8.80~9.70 7.30~7.80
YXNA8B 6.10~6.50 4.8~5.3 9.10~9.70 8.20~8.70

Physical & Magnetic properties Of Injection Bonded NdFeB Magnet

Br (mT) 400~490 490~570 480~560 570~630
bHc(kA/m) 256~312 312~384 336~400 382~430
iHc(kA/m) 576~736 640~800 960~1360 680~840
(BH)max(kJ/m3) 28~36 40~56 44~60 60~68
Recoil permeability 1.1~1.22 1.1~1.22 1.1~1.22 1.1~1.22
Recoil temperature coeffiient of Br. (%/°C) -0.10
Magnetizing field (Ka/m) 1592 1592 1990 1592
Density(g/cm3) 4.0~4.5 4.5~5.5 5.0~5.5 5.0~5.5
Ring crushing strength constant (N/mm2) > 78 > 78 > 78 > 78


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