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Sintered SmCo magnet

SmCo Magnets


Sintered Samarium-Cobalt magnet


Characteristics application of SmCo permanent magnet

1.SmCo permanent magnet has high magnetic energy product andhigh cercive force. Its properties are better than AlNiCo,ferrite permanent magnet. Its max. energy product is up to 239kJ/m3(30MGOe), which is three times of that of AlNiCo8 permanent magnet, eight times of that of ferrite permanent magnet (Y40). So the permanent magnetic component made from SmCo material is small, light and stable in property. It is widely applied to electro acoustic& telecommunication apparatus, electric motors, measure meters, peg-top,electronic watch,microwave apparatus, magnetic mechanism, sensor and other static or dynamic magnetic routes.

2.The curie temp. of the SmCopermanent magnet is high and its temp. low. So it is suitable for use at 300, high temp.

3.SmCo permanent magnet is hear and bristle. Its rigidity strength, tensile strength and press strength are low. So it is not suitable for framework.

4.The main ingredient of SmCo permanent magnet is metal cobalt(CoY99.95%). So its price is high.

Reference points for application design of permanent magnet

1.What we stated herein are typical grades of SmCo permanent magnet only. We could meet your requirements for various magnetic properties too.

2.For application of permanent magnet at high temp., you need consider the following two important parameters: recoil temp. coeff() and intrinsic coercive force(Hcj). Recoil temp. coeff. is a parameter to measure the performance of the permanent magnet with the variation of the temp. When the temp come back to the initial value, the magnetic properties of the permanent magnet will reversibly return to the initial condition too. More smaller the temperature coefficient is, more lower the magnetic properties are. In the meantime, with the variation of the temperature, the magnetic properties of permanent magnet can change irreversibly. This is called irreversible loss. The irreversible loss descends with the increase of the intrinsic coercive force.

3.The appropriate dimensions of he permanent magnet should be taken into account for the application design. Generally speaking, the demagnetization curve of SmCo permanent magnet is close to a straight line and the difference value between Residual Flux Density Br & coercive force Hcb is relatively small. So we should choose the working point (Pc value) around the Max. energy product, i.e. (BH)max. Thus we could utilize the magnetic energy fully and save the cost greatly. Design reference: 0.5Pc1.

4.SmCo permanent magnet is a functional material. It is unsuitable for structure part design. So the usual requirement to the tolerance of the dimensions for structure part is not applicable to it. For the detailed tolerance design, please refer to "permanent magnet supply illustration".

5.SmCo permanent magnet has strong anticorruption function. So it needn't similar surface treatment as that of NdFeB magnet. For the surface protect of SmCo permanent magnet, please turn to "surface protect and protect coating of permanent magnet". The coating will add to the cost in turn.

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