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Bonded SmCo Magnet

SmCo Magnets


Bonded SmCo magnet(with polymer)

Our bonded SmCo magnet is made with ground sintered SmCo magnet. The powder is mixed with resin and molded like NdFeB bonded magnet. Various shapes of high dimensional accuracy can be produced without further processing. Due to excellent corrosion resistance, coating is not required.

Compression bonded magnets are available using many isotropic neodymium iron boron material grades as well as crushed & powdered samarium cobalt materials. Combinations of different material grades may also be used to create specific magnetic characteristics. Compression bonded SmCo magnets offers higher magnetic strength than injection molded SmCo magnets due to their higher magnetic particle density, but are limited to simpler geometries. The epoxy binder used is resistant to normal industrial solvent and automotive fluids. To reduce corrosion of the rare earth magnetic materials, they are further coated with epoxy after shaping. The normal application temperatures range from below -40°C to above 165°C.

Compression bonding is most appropriate for relatively simple geometries due to limitations of the compaction process. The tooling costs for compression bonding is comparatively low, making it a better choice than injection molding where volumes are small. However, with modest automation, compression bonding can also be adopted for high volume manufacturing, with volumes upto millions of pieces per year.

bonded smco magnet

Magnetic properties of bonded SmCo magnets by compressing moulding:
Grade Br HcB HcJ BHmax Tc. Tw. aBr Alloy Series
[°C] [°C] [%/°C]
SB6A 400 278 800 32 720 120 -0.08 SmCo5
4000 3500 10000 4.0
SB8A 500 318 800 48 720 120 -0.08
5000 4000 10000 6.0
SB10B 600 358 800 64 720 120 -0.08 Sm2Co17
6000 4500 10000 8.0
SB12B 700 318 400 80 720 120 -0.08
7000 4000 5000 10.0
SB12HB 700 398 800 80 720 120 -0.08
7000 5000 10000 10.0


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